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The Giant Leap is our outbound training program which is specially designed to improve self-confidence, build synergy and leadership that facilitate you to REDISCOVER YOURSELF! The unique point of this outbound training is that the participants can directly find their strength, weakness and get a chance to rectify themselves through self awakening programs. This experiential learning is anchored on kinesthetic, visual and auditory learning methodologies. The Giant Leap uses nature to create individual and group activities that provide a totally exhilarating and rejuvenating experience.

Stripped from the urban ambience, without the confines and comforts of an office or classroom atmosphere we present you a well designed outbound program. The Travelist Team along with professional trainers use team games, adventure activities, case studies and role-plays that help the participants to understand and enlighten “THE TRUE YOU”.

Fire Walking A high-powered program that delivers explosive transformation. Walking barefoot over red-hot coals, it is the ultimate test of Mind over Matter.

Primal Rebirth Experience this de-stress program which enables the individual to overcome old limiting emotional blocks of life which prevents one from being one’s best. Pump in new energy and get rejuvenated