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8 Reasons why you shouldn’t book travel services online

Everyone loves travelling.

A good vacation will make you more productive. However, if not planned properly, it can turn out to be a bitter experience. The online services may be faster, but they are not the best. Read on to know why you should call a travel consultant before your next trip.

1. Because you assume online prices are the best

This could be true for your everyday products. Believe it or not, for services like hotels and cabs, a travel consultant can offer a much better price than any travel website.

2. Because you are spoiled by choices

Every destination seems to be better than the rest. Hundreds of destinations and hotels to choose from and you really do not know which one would suit you. A travel consultant can recommend the best services for you based on your interests.


3. Because following the herd is not al sways a good idea

Have you noticed that every hotel, including the best 5-star hotel, has a few ‘poor’ and ‘terrible’ ratings? The expectation of the customer plays a bigger role than the experience. The hotel preferred and ‘liked’ by a hundred families from New Delhi may not be the best for a business traveler from New York. There is no way you can understand what kind of customer gave the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ratings. An experienced consultant can suggest the best for you.

4. Because you do not want to be a tourist

Yes, you should see the famous monuments and other popular sites. Still, think beyond an average tourist. Take home with you the experiences of living the life of a local. When you visit a new place, understand their culture, take part in a local festival, and learn to cook their food. A good travel planner will include all the flavors of your destination in your itinerary than just the popular tourist attractions.

5. Because you deserve more for your money

Complimentary transport to and from airport, Sea-view room with private balcony for the newlyweds, and spacious room on the ground floor for the old couple. Unless you are lucky at the time of check-in, how will you ensure your requirements are met? I am yet to find a travel website that offers all these services. However, a travel consultant can assure you all these and beyond at the time of booking itself.

6. Because you earned a vacation

When travelling to a new place with your partner or friends, waiting for a cab or locating your hotel can be tiring. Why waste time for such insignificant matters? Most travel management companies would have a representative to take care of you during your arrival. You go for a vacation to sit back and relax. Now you can do just that!

7. Because you tread a different path

“10-day trip to Europe. Click here for itinerary”. Before you choose, think whether that is the best for you. This might have been created for a honeymoon couple, while you are planning a trip with your friends. A good travel service provider will customize your itinerary based on your requirements and give you the liberty to modify it at no additional cost. After all, it is YOUR vacation. Plan it your way!

8. Because you need more time to pack your bags

To get the service of a travel consultant, all you need to do is a phone call. They will prepare your itinerary, book your hotels, bus and flight, do the visa processing, and take care of everything else needed for your journey. And what do you do? Pack your bag and get ready to get going!

So when you decide the date of your next travel, make a call to your travel consultant. The key to some incredible experiences and lifelong memories could be just a phone call away! Bon Voyage!

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